Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Silent Bench in UPH

I don't know how to say thank to Adrian Hartanto and Priscilla Christy
Thank you very much
You became my firework in my silent night
You made there are many of butterflies in my eye
You made me put in down my desire to cut my self
when i forgot how to cry and spoke out my problem
i couldn't spell out what problem in my life
When i just can ran in the gym for three hour to forgot and sweep away my problem
problem like a shadow couldn't be interpreted and touched but it always follow me
but you helped me so well
You are more precious than money
You are more interesting than shopping and spend out my money
You can help me to know how meaningful my life
and what is thing which make me longer life?
When I have friends like you
and let our problem flown away like wind
and let just us and silent bench who knew my craziness
Thank You
-Aphrenita, Karawaci 18 Februari 2011, 23.40-

2 komentar:

  1. hahahahahaha.. itulah mengapa sahabat dan teman berbeda. saat teman hanya menjadi teman berbagi dalam bahagia, sahabat dapat menjadi seorang yang berbagi disaat susah sekalipun. diwaktu teman hanya berbagi cerita lucu, seorang sahabat membagikan cerita baik lucu maupun sedih semata agar sahabatnya mampu mengambil hikmah dari sebuah kehidupan. yaa,, kehidupan yang hanya akan berlalu begitu saja bila tidak diisi dan dinikmati. GB..

  2. hey girl, it is such a blessing to have u as my bestfriends as well...
    but that night, if i could say, it's like the best night ever..
    almost 2 hours we spent our time to strengthen each other.
    and of course, Thanks to our father, Jesus Christ, who gave us such moment that will live forever in our heart. I believe, that night was God's plan. He is working in our life....

    yay!! AZA FIGHTING (koreans motivation word!) hahahahha...