Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Death Cab for cutie

In the first time i heard this band, i was imagine this band is very cutie and use CRAB costume*Avrenita's randomness..so, I asked help from mr Youtube to know deeply about this band..why i suddenly "kepo-ing" this band?..
There are two reason..First, Mr. (Lovely) Tamin, suddenly post in his twitter just played a song from this band..and i'm also have read about this band from Rashi's book*one of Novel that i admired so much and become one of my lifestyle's and fashion mecca..I'm serious!! the reason not only because Mr Tamin who admired with this band..but, Rashi's also said that this band is very ah-mazzing..so, is it wrong if i just want to know about this band^^..
Ok..honestly, Mr Tamin is the one reason i still heard this band (because the song is not "me"), I hope latter i can found my favorite song from this band...and talked about this band and sing along with Mr. Tamin like i have became this band's fans along long ago..

I will possess your heart 
One of Rashi's Favorite..this song from Arian when try to propose his feeling to Rashi*oo so sweet..
you must patient in wait the lyric because the intro very long

Crooked Teeeth 
and this one, Tamin's Favorite i still try to love this song..maybe from the lyric..
Cause you can't find nothing at all
If there was nothing there all along
No you can't find nothing at all

still try to find my happiness

Bandung Bandar Jakarta..try to seeking my smile which lost
anyway..Happy Birthday Rina Regina
We love you so much
your birthday bash so awesome..
i can laugh along night see your performance in your birthday
do you remember "Daun kemangi" a.k.a flower that he sent to you
it is signal babe..just grab it or it will lost..
Firework also can runs out its fire, ryte?..so don't lost your prince darling..*smooch
and another trip go to Bandung..
take photo in Universal Hotel*or sumpthing i forgot the name
but its try ah-dorahbleh..the building design , rooms, views and price of course 
but, unfortunately i looks very unprepared..because i'm so sleepy a head..
maybe in next trip to Bandung..i will use best clothes and take awesome photo in that hotel
ciaooo see you..

Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

up and down my heart waiting for heartless

Yesterday, i found in Dimas's FB profile..he just end relationship with his girlfriend..
i'm so happy with that..and i know why..i just chat with him by messages..
but i'm not very happy because i still feel he doesn't love me..like i waiting for him..like i falling in love with him..he just answer my question and didn't give me question back..i'm tired...i'm tired. i don't know why i still have feeling with him..i don't know how to release this feeling and let him free and let my heart free from his..

I leave the gas on
walk the alleys in the dark
sleep with candles burning
i leave the door unlocked
I'm weaving a rope and
Running all the red lights
did I get your attention
'cause I'm sending all the signs that

The clock is ticking
and I'll be giving my two weeks
pick your favourite shade of black
and you'd best prepare a speech
Say something funny
Say something sweet
But don't say that you loved me...

I'm still breathing
but we've been dead for a while
this sickness has no cure
we're going down for sure
already lost our grip
best abandon ship...

Maybe i was too pale
maybe i was too fat
maybe you had better
better luck in the sack
no formal education
and i swore way too much
i swear you didn't care
'cause we were in love

so as i write this letter
and shed my last tear
know it's all for the better
that we end this here
let's close this chapter
say one last prayer
but don't say that you loved me...

Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

heartless and keep shoping

Tanktop: G.A.P
bandage skirt: Bershka
Bangles: Forever 21 
flat shoes : The little things she needs
hair accesories : La Femme   

Bandage skirt : Bershka
Bag: Birthday Gift
Top: Top pants florowings ZARA
Heels : Belagio

Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Avrenita Christina

to my viTAMINs

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, 
But here's my number so call me maybe 
It's hard to look right at you baby, 
But here's my number so call me maybe

Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Bisakan memilih yang lain

kenapa harus aku?..sepertinya aku tidak pernah mengeluh dalam doaku..tidak pernah meminta ini itu..aku cukup meminta satu..kebahagian..tapi bukan kebahagian buat aku..buat papiku..kebahagian buat keluargaku...tapi kenapa seperti ini..tidak bolehkan hanya meminta secuil kebahagian..apabila kamu memberi kebahagian banyak kepada orang lain

kenapa harus aku?aku mengakui aku sibuk, tidak ada waktu banyak seperti yang lain untuk dekat dengan kamu..tidak baca perintahmu..kurang peka terhadap ajaranmu..tapi aku berjanji nanti dulu setelah semuanya selesai..bukan sama sekali tidak akan dekat lagi denganmu..tetapi mengapa begini..kamu tidak sabar seperti yang lain..kamu meninggalkanku..kamu menghukumku..dengan cara yang kejam..seolah tahu apa kelemahanku..kamu ambil semuanya..aku tahu kamu yang paling berkuasa..tapi bukan seperti ini menakutiku..

kenapa harus aku?aku mengamati diluar sana..banyak yang merokok..banyak yang lebih jahat dari pada aku..aku memang tidak setaat umatmu yang lain..tapi aku tidak sejahat yang lain..aku tidak sekotor yang lain..jadi kenapa aku..kenapa aku?..mungkin aku terlihat menerima tapi aku belum bisa menerima..aku ingin seperti mamiku yang benar-benar berharap padamu..aku ingin..tapi belum bisa..karena ya..ya aku kecewa..aku bukan mengutuki kamu..tapi aku hanya mencari jawaban..mengapa aku

kenapa harus dia?kamu tahu betapa aku menyayangi dia?kamu tahu betapa aku ingin memberikan kebahagian kepadanya..kamu tahu betapa aku berusaha mengusahakan kebahagian untuknya..seharusnya kamu tahu aku selalu menyisipkan namanya dalam doaku..selalu dia..bukan yang lain..bahkan aku mengenyahkan doa untuk kebahagianku sendiri..aku sering kehilangan..selalu..aku memang sedih..selalu bertanya tapi aku masih terima..aku masih bisa menanti rencana indah dibalik ini..tetapi kalau kali ini aku belum bisa memakluminya..kenapa sakit sekali..jahat sekali..membidik kelemahanku pada bagian yang tepat..kalau memang aku salah..aku minta maaf..tapi tolong beri tahu aku..tapi bukan seperti ini caranya..terlalu sakit...terlalu tiba-tiba..terlalu miris..aku tidak kuat..aku terjatuh..aku kecewa..kosong..bertambah kecewa

bukan aku tidak hormat..tapi aku hanya bertanya..hanya mencari sebuah kontemplasi dari sudut pandang manusia..aku tahu kamu tidak terjelajah dan punya pandangan lain..tapi aku adalah aku..yang melihat kenyataan bukan prosesnya..aku butuh alasan dari semuanya..kenapa harus aku, aku tahu aku bukan orang yang taat sehingga aku harus protes habis-habisan..aku tahu aku salah selama ini..tapi haruskah aku dihukum dengan kejam seperti ini? seolah kamu tahu kelemahanku dan membiarkan aku tercekik-cekik dalam keadaan seperti ini..aku mau berbalik padamu..akan aku lakukan sebenarnya tanpa harus ditampar seperti ini aku akan kembali..namun adanya kejadian ini..aku menjadi ragu..apakah aku akan kehilangan lagi apabila suatu saat aku kembali melakukan kesalahan..sekali lagi kukatakan..terlalu berat dan terlalu dekat yang kamu ambil..terlalu cepat..bahkan sebelum aku bisa mengucapkan aku sayang padanya..dan ingin memberikan kebahagian kepadanya..kenapa..jawab aku..kenapa

Minggu, 03 Juni 2012

there is no fate in the love

and suddenly there is one guy add my Facebook 
i don't know he has interest or just randomly add
honestly, i falling in love in the first sight
he is my type, look smart, and sexy
but still unreachable..how can i touch you babe
only time and God who know my question
i still waiting in crazy in my inbox
waiting for my cute risky ask me "hay Avrenita may i know your bb pin"
maybe in that time i will dancing like princess who find his prince
once again, i waiting for you darling!!