Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

still try to find my happiness

Bandung Bandar Jakarta..try to seeking my smile which lost
anyway..Happy Birthday Rina Regina
We love you so much
your birthday bash so awesome..
i can laugh along night see your performance in your birthday
do you remember "Daun kemangi" a.k.a flower that he sent to you
it is signal babe..just grab it or it will lost..
Firework also can runs out its fire, ryte?..so don't lost your prince darling..*smooch
and another trip go to Bandung..
take photo in Universal Hotel*or sumpthing i forgot the name
but its try ah-dorahbleh..the building design , rooms, views and price of course 
but, unfortunately i looks very unprepared..because i'm so sleepy a head..
maybe in next trip to Bandung..i will use best clothes and take awesome photo in that hotel
ciaooo see you..

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