Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Death Cab for cutie

In the first time i heard this band, i was imagine this band is very cutie and use CRAB costume*Avrenita's randomness..so, I asked help from mr Youtube to know deeply about this band..why i suddenly "kepo-ing" this band?..
There are two reason..First, Mr. (Lovely) Tamin, suddenly post in his twitter just played a song from this band..and i'm also have read about this band from Rashi's book*one of Novel that i admired so much and become one of my lifestyle's and fashion mecca..I'm serious!! the reason not only because Mr Tamin who admired with this band..but, Rashi's also said that this band is very ah-mazzing..so, is it wrong if i just want to know about this band^^..
Ok..honestly, Mr Tamin is the one reason i still heard this band (because the song is not "me"), I hope latter i can found my favorite song from this band...and talked about this band and sing along with Mr. Tamin like i have became this band's fans along long ago..

I will possess your heart 
One of Rashi's Favorite..this song from Arian when try to propose his feeling to Rashi*oo so sweet..
you must patient in wait the lyric because the intro very long

Crooked Teeeth 
and this one, Tamin's Favorite i still try to love this song..maybe from the lyric..
Cause you can't find nothing at all
If there was nothing there all along
No you can't find nothing at all

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