Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Waiting for Romance of Adrielle series

Song that I recomended for you when read "Romance of Adrielle"

Love in December

So this is love
in the end of december,
quiet nights,
quiet stars..
and i'm here
Monday to Sunday,
cause you're fragile
and i'm weak

So you fall
when the nights grow longer
into sleep
you won't wake up
And i'm here
i'm sitting beside you
and i'll wait
until the spring

Don't you worry
i'll be there for you
don't worry about me
you know me better than that
don't you worry
i'll be there for you
i'll catch you if you would fall

So you drift
when the days grow colder
away from me
and won't look back
far away and i can't guide you
but i'm here
'til the spring

2 komentar:

  1. selaku fans berat cerita romance of adrielle, lagu ini kurang cocok deh bis aku gak ngerti ceritanya.. hahahahahaha

  2. hahah..makasi ya ud ikutin serial romance of adrielle.. tungguin yah kisah selanjutnya

    -penulis-*berasa dee lestari