Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

brand new Avrenita

Happy Short Semester, I hope i can find my fate in this semester
and now start to set new resolution since in the past semester i seems like do nothing

This is my Resolution

Quality time with God (follow Komsel and Worship God through singer or creative ministry)
1. Helping My mother
2. Get best topic for seminar and it can use for my Final thesis's report
3. Slim 45 kg (Gym, Diet, Save money LOL)
4. Beauty (no acne, whitening skin, Long Bang and hair)
5. Part time
6. Social time (more friend, kind and become better person)
7. Blog update (Became novelist, reading some novel for seek inspiration, seek information became a   writer or success Bloger)
8. seek scholarship, working Chanel after graduation
9. Improve my language ability (Japanese, Chinese, European)
10. Develop my passion (either in dancing, Singing or theater-ing)

Brand new Avrenita...you will see the best side of me..

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