Jumat, 13 April 2012

give me the reason therefore i can continue my life

ohGod Why My heart so complicated now
he had really gone..not only just my fearness
in the first time i gotta confused with my feeling
and said i will end this complicatedness
but when he gone, why i still feel upset
like in the past, he left me without reason
Dear, you has to say hello, so you must to say goodbye
don't let myself questioning around is there mistaken on me
why when i try to convince my heart to believe and give in you
but you let it down and broken
the feeling like if you have a dream, it has came in your eyes, but it never be true
i hate this feeling..really hate this situation
really hate myself, i worried with my future.. i feel so loneliness
why you come in the right condition when i feel so loneliness with all of my problem come into my life..
it make me depends on you..why life and love so unfair for me
maybe i didn't love you..but i just feel there is something loss when you didn't text me like yesterday
God, Please heal this feeling and let me continued my life
I can't solve this problem alone..i feel so empty now

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