Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

if we meet again in the future

Do you know diems??
star have their spin.
At 25 million years they would meet again
There is also a moving of human.
There period when man will meet again in the future
Avre believe in the future we will meet again diems
Suppose we meet again and know each other
You will still see the same avrenita
Because although we meet again 100 million years
Avre will still love with diems
Though you are just assuming me as memories of the past
but I would still expect you to be my future, my dreams and my inspiration
But if we do not know each other
Go away from me, Diems .. .. Don't say hello to me .. and do not try to close to me
Because if I meet you again!
I'll fall in love again with you
I will continue to adore you
And at that time , I'll wait for you as it is now
I'm afraid to fall in the same hole
Where I had fallen in place in
Can not do anything else and just hope you
I realize that waiting is a futile act, but this feeling will not disappear
So if there is an opportunity once again to live
I chose not to meet you and go away from your life
Because I'll fall in love again with you like the first time I saw you in the past since the first moment I saw you
Because you are Diems in my dreams

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