Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Oh My Chri*****eR

I thought i can share all of my love, life and future with you
but you choose your own way
i don't try to ignore you but i just protected my heart
i just wanna wait you give some effort
I knew all because my mistaken...I hope and dream too much
so i accepted all of the pain
but its ok...thank you for all buterfly that you have sent which loaded my heart
I think i will be allright
although honestly i cried in the middle night after knew the reality
i hope you found the best angel in your life
don't make she hurt..because woman's heart is fragile
and maybe she doesn't have best angel in her life
like me who have My Jesus My parents, My brother, Laura, Nico, Adrian, Rosa, Jenike, Cilla, Adeline,Trisno, Cin cin, Mira and so many people who catch me up
she just know you as best angel..
Hai Man in the mirror..I hope after this we can growt up and think this wisely to become bestfriend that i ever had..
I love You but i think now i must move on and not become your shadow..
I realized love someone doesn't mean you need to be with him
I have said that without C everything can't gonna be perfeCt
but now i try to make all of things be Awesome

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