Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning

I miss you again, like yesterday.
I will keep missing you
I keep thinking about you.

When I try to sort through it all, more tears will come.
Even when I try to erase it, the memories spread into
different memories through the tears that I shed.
It makes me cry so painfully.

All I can do is regret, because all I ever did was receive.
But I’m afraid you’ll forget me because I’ve never gave you anything.

I love you, I, I love you
These words have become a habit
and these words are among the many I’ve learned from you.
I sit around alone mumbling to myself like a fool.
I’m sorry truly, truly, I’m sorry.
I’m even sorry that these words are so late
But I’m waiting here for you shamelessly
Will you by chance come back tomorrow?

Even if the birdcage that represented you was narrow
I still liked it, I was still happy.
I’m returning to the day, to my dreams
when I believed in a forever without separation

If I could go back I’d gather my heart, I’d take everything
from it and give it you.

My heart..
In the end even if you can’t come
and you’ve changed and I’m not the one for you any longer
I’ll call and call out to you again
Like a parrot calling only your name..
Wishing love only for you

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